Friday, 28 March 2008


Roger Stone Leader of Rotherham Council Jets off to Nashville for a very nice Jolly.

Surely Roger when you are taking over £40,000 a year from the Tax Payers could you not afford to pay for your own holiday.

Then you come back with a £400,000 scheme funded by the Tax payer's to give all children in Rotherham a free book every month for five years, Most of the children targeted can't even read at that age. And then you all have a nice lunch with Dolly Parton, What a brilliant Idea what a brilliant way to spend our hard earned council tax.

But I thought they had provided our children with 21st century schools I thought the schools taught children to read. What do we have library's for don't they lend books out to the people I am sure last time I looked they had a childrens section.

But what about the Old and Vulnerable in our community the most who have worked and paid their due's and demands into the system but now they need our help what does Our Council Leader do? Withdraws the funding for the day centres puts the council tax up puts up their heating costs. Kick's them in the teeth.

£400,000 would go along way to improving the quality of life for some of our old and vulnerable they have paid their dues and demands now we should give a little back Roger don't you think.

So lets get your priorities right for once.

But of course this is New Labour at their best.

Perhaps Age Concern should have taken him and his cronies on a nice Jolly? I hear Barbados is nice this time of the year.

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nic said...

What a sensible idea for a change!!! Roger Stone will be old one day, but no doubt he will be well looked after with the allowances he has claimed over the years from the hard earned tax payer, sat relaxing to his Dolly Parton records "Working Nine to Five"..... I think not.