Wednesday, 19 March 2008

The Secret Council

This Labour Council claims to be open and listening the reality is somewhat different. Information is power so we are denied access to even the most basic information. Below is a list of questions that come to mind in our ward, it is not exhaustive.
  • Why do they not keep is informed of developments in our area?
  • What is going to happen to Kimberworth School?
  • Why have we not been told of the South Yorkshire plans to build a waste incinerator and in who's back yard?.
  • The Council is run more like a Masonic Lodge than a part of the Labour Party.
  • What has happened to the Sports Centre proposed for West Hill?
  • What greenbelt land do the council propose to use for development?
This Council does not accept that, in a democracy, disclosure of information is a fundamental part of democratic accountability. Indeed they now propose to publish a newspaper to keep us informed, no doubt, at our expense. There is little chance that it will be editorially independent they should call it Pravda.

I believe that a major part of the work of an Independent Councillor will be to ensure that all the information that should be made available is accessible for all to see.

Caven Vines says 'If elected, I pledge to do all I can to ensure that decisions of the council are made in the public spotlight'.

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