Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Unfair Bedroom Tax

What timing for David Cameron to Introduce the Bedroom Tax Just as Mrs Thatcher Dies This tax is about as fair and sensible as the POLL TAX introduced by Mrs Thatcher or maybe her spirit and policies carry on in the Conservatives policy’s.

This Tax is totally wrong and unfair. Someone living alone in a 2 bedroom house cannot avoid the tax unless they move house. Which would almost certainly cause them massive disruption and expense. That’s if they could find some where to move to. This in effect clobbering the poor in such a way that they cannot escape from it without turning their lives upside down. And what about if their family require to visit where do they stay in a tent in the garden of the one bedroom house.

We recognise that the Benefits bill is far too high and the Philpott’s case illustrates how broken the system is. But the Bedroom tax is not part of the solution. The upset and heartbreak it will cause is not worth the comparatively small amount of cash that it will raise.

Cameron and his head in the sand MP’s really should be looking at the wider picture and start to think outside the box. The country is broke the infrastructure is in pieces and we are overrun by immigrants claiming benefits. 

Yet they still shell out £53million per day to the EU and £23million a day in foreign aid with the Romanians and Bulgarians waiting in the wings to fill the empty 2 & 3 Bedroom houses left vacant when the people who can’t afford to live in them because of the Bedroom Tax.

So maybe Mr Cameron is setting himself up as a never to be forgot Leader like the late Mrs Thatcher.

Caven Vines
UKIP Rotherham

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