Monday, 14 April 2008


Once again our devious underhanded local labour activists take control of our local community groups.

They are so paranoid of loosing control and having to answer to you the tax payers they will go to any length to take control of the community.

By high jacking local community groups set up originally by hard working local people who have their local area's and community's dear to their harts.

Meadows Community Partnership

This group was set up around 4 years ago by a small dedicated team of local residents with the help of Independent Councillor Caven Vines.

This group slowly under the chairmanship of Local resident Mrs Carol Dobson
raised funds to put on two community fun days for the residents of Meadowbank, and the rest of the Meadows Community area.

They drew down funding for security devises for the older residents of Cain Gardens. This together with drawing upon Objective 1 funding to bring childcare to the area through the local school at Kimberworth.

They also had a representative on the Housing Path finder project which was to decide what was required to be built on Shrewsbury Terrace. This linked to the Consultation the Partnership did with the local people on the needs of future housing in the Meadowbank area.

From this the overwhelming view of the local community was to see affordable rented two bedroom bungalows built on the site so that people who had a need for such accommodation would not have to move from the area they lived with their families close by.

But this did not meet with the labour Controlled Councils plan so they altered the rules so that the chosen Representative from the Meadows could not attend the meetings. The local labour councillors then devised a plan to take over control of the group. By turning up at the annual general meeting with labour activists who had never been near the place before and out voted the hard working group . and Guess who they put in the chair?

Yes their chosen Labour Candidate Cath Sims. So now they control the community partnership and guess what their is no plans to meet the peoples wishes to provide Bungalows.

Also since they have taken control no funding has been obtained and not one activity has been carried out . All they want is to control the area not do anything for you the community.

Local area assembly they decided that they needed a person to Represent the Community in North Rotherham. so who do they make sure gets voted on a Ian Jones the Chair of the Richmond Park Tara Group and one of the Sponsors of Yes you got it Cath Sims the Labour Candidate

you really must ask your self just who do these so called community representatives really represent one thing is for sure Its NOT YOU.

and we thought Communism was dead

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